November 9, 2016

Surveys Have Arrived

The U.S. Postal Service has mailed the postal change surveys to all Lake Shawnee residents.  Most residents received their survey on Wednesday, November 9th.  Please be sure to complete and return the survey so that it arrives NO LATER than December 8, 2016.  If you did not receive a copy of the survey, you may download a copy below:

US Postal Service Survey - Downloadable Link

The surveys are to be mailed to:

USPS NNJ District Office
OPS-Lake Shawnee Survey
21 Kilmer Road
Edison, NJ  08899

November 8, 2016

How You Can Help

The first phase of mailing form letters has concluded.

The US Postal Service sent surveys in early November 2016.  The survey response deadline was 30 days later, December 8, 2016

You can contribute to a fund supporting this effort.  The fundraiser will help with costs for advertising to inform and educate those affected by way of targeted post cards, lawn signs, Facebook advertising, and Jefferson AIM ads.  The contribution site is:  Alternatively, you can use the Contact link, and I will provide an address for check, cash, or money order.

Lastly, please join our Facebook group for updates.